What are your rates?
Our rates depend on the type of event, the number of hours you will need the DJ, the location of the event, and number of guests (or size of the event space which determines how many speakers are needed to fill the room with sound).

As you will see through research, our rates are highly competitive with DJ companies in the New York Tri-State Area.  Please contact us with this information along with your date and we will send you a price quote within 24 hours.

Do you offer other services besides DJ?
Yes.  I offer packages that include uplighting, intelligent lighting, and custom mixes.

Who will be my DJ?
CJ the DJ who will meet with you and also work with you as you are preparing for the event will be your DJ.

In his years of DJing events, he has never had to rely on a replacement to DJ an event.  However, as specified in your contract, should a rare emergency such as hospitalization or a death in the family occur, a trusted, experienced and talented DJ will DJ your event according to the same price and terms in your contract.

Who will be the MC?
CJ the DJ will serve as your DJ and MC.  As MC, he will greet the guests, do introductions, make announcements and MC events such as the bouquet toss and garter ceremony, if needed.

How long have you been DJing?
I started DJing in 1995 with a pair of Technics SL-1200 turntables.

Can we see you spin live?
Currently, the majority of the events I DJ are private events like weddings, but we can arrange a live demo.  Additionally, if I am DJing a public event, you are more than welcome to attend with friends.

Do you have insurance?
Yes.  We are insured with a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy and will send documentation to your venue ahead of time.

What kind of equipment do you use?
All professional DJ equipment.  Vestax midi controller or Technics turntables, Rane mixer, JBL speakers, Shure wireless microphone, Rane Serato ScratchLive, Apple MacBook Pro computer, QSC speakers (if needed), JBL subwoofer (if needed).

Do you have back-up equipment?
Yes.  We bring a back-up set of equipment and music to every event.

What do you wear to DJ?
Whatever is appropriate for your event.  Suit and tie unless otherwise specified.

When do you arrive to set-up for the event?
1-2 hours before the event begins.

Do you have an assistant?
With your permission, an assistant will be present to help with the transport and set-up of equipment, sound check, breakdown of equipment and general help for events that require an extensive set-up.

Do you require a meal?
I appreciate the gesture if offered, but do not require a meal.

How do we arrange a meeting?
Simply give me a call or send an email to set-up a time and location to meet.  A cafe like Starbucks is usually a good option.

If your schedule does not allow you to meet in-person, I am also open to having a brief video chat via Skype or Google Hangouts to answer any of your initial questions before we meet in-person.

The in-person meeting is a great opportunity to get to know you, your musical tastes and personal style.

What do we need to do to confirm a date?
All you need to officially confirm a date is submit a signed contract and deposit of half the total payment.

Do I need to send you a playlist of songs we want to hear at the party?
You can either send a specific list of songs you want to be played or only send a few examples of the types of songs you want to hear and I can figure out the rest.

I have an extensive music library, so it is very likely that I will have a majority of the music.  If there is something you request that I don’t have, I can get it.  No problem at all.  I can even help with recommending music for different portions of the event.

Can I submit a “do not play” list?
In the past, clients have submitted lists of artists or songs that they absolutely did not want to be played.  As your DJ, I will stick to any guidelines you provide.

Do you take requests?
I play songs that go along with the musical tastes and song requests of my clients.  I leave it up to my clients if they want me to take requests from their guests.  If they allow me to take requests, I would be happy to entertain a song suggestion from a guest as long as it is in line with the taste of my clients and could enhance the experience of all the guests (not just that one person).

Do you provide references?
I no longer ask my past clients to serve as references due to the high volume of calls they would have to take.  Instead, many clients have voiced their opinions and feedback on sites like Yelp and WeddingWire.

Do you speak any languages besides English?                                                                       No. Currently, I only speak English fluently. In the past, clients have asked family members or friends to step-in at certain moments during the event to address their guests in their native languages. It’s a nice way to involve guests in the event.

What is your approach?
My approach is to first get to know my client and find out their vision of the event so I can help bring it to life.  Then, I try to find out who the audience will be so I know what type of music will keep them entertained.  Throughout the preparation process, I stay in contact with my clients making sure all calls and emails are answered promptly.

Why should I book you?
I am a constantly working, full-time professional DJ.  This is not a part-time job, hobby or something I do on the side.  I love music and enjoy DJing.  Also, because I am DJing for my own company, I have a deeper desire to make sure each of my customers and their guests are happy.  I strive to uphold my and my company’s reputations with great performances and excellent customer service.

What separates me from other DJs is my versatility.  I  go back and forth between nightlife and formal settings from day to day.  One night I could be DJing in a venue full of people in their 20s who want to hear the latest pop and house tracks.  The next night I could be DJing and MCing a wedding with guests ranging from 8 to 78 playing everything from Frank Sinatra to current hits.  Anything from 80s, Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, House and Freestyle to Jazz is within my range.

Because I DJ several times a week in different settings for various audiences, I update my music collection often.  So, on the day of your event, my music collection will be up-to-date with current music including songs that have not yet been released.

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